If you’re shopping for the chef of the family, then a MEAT! Sous Vide is the perfect gift to upgrade their kitchen. Imagine being able to cook the perfect steak, create sauces and salad dressing, and even craft your own batch of cocktails from scratch all with a single piece of equipment. That’s just the start of what the MEAT! Sous Vide brings to the table.

For years sous vide cooking was something people thought was only for high-end Michelin star restaurants. Now MEAT! is making it easier and more affordable than ever to get the same quality in their own kitchen. It’s as easy as placing the Sous Vide 10 in a suitable container filled with water, setting it to the temperature you want, and walking away until the timer goes off. We’ve even got dozens of recipe ideas on our website, with new ones dropping on a regular basis for your loved ones to try out right away.

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