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MEAT! Father's Day Gift Guide 2024

By Dominic Trimboli

This year for Father’s Day MEAT! is helping you save hundreds of dollars on some of our most celebrated meat processing equipment! Your father has spent years helping you hunt, process and prepare your own meat for years, pay him back for all of that with a brand-new MEAT! grinder or Slicer.

We’ve pulled together some of our best deals in one place for you to see.

Save big on the best MEAT! gear for Father’s Day 2024

In 2024 we wanted to offer some of our best Father’s Day deals ever, so we’re taking up to $200 off the final price of a new meat grinder. Whether your father simply needs a grinder to make his own burger mix in the kitchen, or he needs a 2HP Powerhouse to pulverize an entire Elk, we’ve got the perfect grinder for the job.

Save $100 on the MEAT! .5 HP Dual Grinder

The MEAT! .5 HP Dual Grinder is the perfect choice for someone that wants a grinder for everyday use that can withstand tough jobs as needed. This grinder is small enough to fit in your kitchen cupboard full-time, and powerful enough to process more than 5lbs. of meat per minute.

Save $160 on the MEAT! 1.5 HP Grinder

The MEAT! 1.5 HP Grinder is an unstoppable machine that cuts the grind time to a third of what our .5 HP Grinder is capable of! This grinder is a great choice for anyone looking to start processing their own meat on a regular basis. It comes with stainless steel construction where it matters and is equipped with coarse and fine grind plates.

Save $200 on the MEAT! 2 HP Grinder

If you want to get your father the best possible grinder that will devour pound after pound without slowing down then the MEAT! 2 HP Grinder is the only place you should look. This is our most powerful grinder and as close as you can get to professional quality in your home.

Able to grind 23lbs. per minute, and up to nearly 1400lbs in an hour without slowing down, this grinder will handle anything you throw at it and then some. Made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel components, this grinder will take care of your father for years to come with proper care.

Save $70 on the MEAT! 16” External Vacuum Sealer

If your dad processes his own meat then he knows how difficult it can be to find a way to protect and store it for long-periods of time. Fortunately, the 16” MEAT! External Vacuum Sealer will solve all his food storage issues with just a single tool.

Stoutly built and simple to use, this will vacuum seal everything from venison steaks and jerky to fish and simple leftovers from dinner in just a few seconds. Even if this is your dad’s first sealer, he’ll get the hang of it in no time. This is professional grade food storage in a countertop sized package.

Save over 10% on the MEAT! 10-Tray Jerky Dehydrator

If your father already processes his own meat, but doesn’t make his own jerky, it’s time to get him a Jerky Dehydrator. With just a few spare cuts from the freezer he’ll be able to start making his own jerky at home in no-time. To make it even easier, we have tons of simple step-by-step recipes that will teach him how to make any kind of jerky he wants from scratch.

The 10-Tray Jerky Dehydrator does all the hard work by precisely maintaining temperature exactly where he sets it. In addition, the 360-degree circulation built-in provides even cooking on every piece of jerky.

The Best Kitchen Accessories for Father’s Day 2024

MEAT! Kitchen Knife Set

When processing your own meat on a regular basis the most important tool he’ll need are a quality set of knives. The MEAT! Kitchen Knife Set was made specifically with processing your own meat in mind, and will stand up to even the toughest jobs.

We start with high-quality German Stainless Steel and add-on extra grippy G-10 handles for an expert cut and grip. This knife set is professional quality combining precise control and perfect balance.

Set Includes:

    • 8” Chef Knife
    • 7” Nakiri Knife
    • 8” Carving Knife
    • 6.5” Utility knife
    • 3.5” Paring Knife
    • 8” Bread Knife
    • Knife Block

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