Product Spotlight: MEAT! Sous Vide 4


How’d you like it if we told you there was a way to NEVER overcook a steak or burn a chicken breast again? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well MEAT! has made those delicious dreams of yours a reality with one of the most accurate, high-quality and cost effective Sous Vide on the market! 

The MEAT! Sous Vide 4 is ideal for anyone that wants to perfectly prepare their meats and veggies every time, no matter what! You’ll get professional level control and incredible features that take all the hard work out of cooking your food perfectly, on a consistent basis.

What is a Sous Vide?

For the first time user a Sous Vide may seem more like a science experiment than what it really is; the most accurate cooking technique available! Basically sous vide cooking is when vacuum-sealed meats or vegetables are immersed in water and cooked at a precise temperature.

The MEAT! Sous Vide 4 is the tool that regulates the water temperature allowing food to be cooked at a consistent heat for long periods of time to achieve precise results. You’ll simply set the sous vide temperature, secure it to a safe container filled with water and it will handle everything else!

Why choose the MEAT! Sous Vide 4?

The MEAT! Sous Vide 4 is ideal for people new to this method of cooking. First time users will appreciate how we’ve simplified the sous vide process. Set-up takes less than 2 minutes, and once you’ve prepared your food the Sous Vide does all the hard work for you. It regulates the temperature, controls your timers and even has safety features built-in like our low water alarm. Just follow one of our dozens of sous vide recipes and you’ll be a master in no time!

Expert sous vide chefs will love our consistent, high-quality performance. Temperature control is everything, but our additional features make the MEAT! Sous Vide 4 a step-above the rest. Read on to see some of our favorite features.



MEAT! Sous Vide 4 Features

·Easy to read LCD display

·Highly accurate built-in timer

·Precise temperature control from 41-194F

·Works accurately in up to 4 gallons of water

·Compact design fits perfect in the cupboard

·Quick set-up and stow times

·Low water alarm for additional safety

·Top notch customer service, located at our Missouri HQ

MEAT! has Unparalleled Customer Support

MEAT!  has completely cut out the middleman, meaning we provide our quality meat processing equipment directly to you. Our goal is bringing you the highest quality equipment at a lower cost than you’ll find in big box retailers. If you ever have an issue with your product, we’re here every day at our headquarters in Missouri standing by to answer your questions and assist you with any issues. This may not be the easy way to do business, but we think it’s the right way to bring you the best quality equipment at the best price possible.