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MEAT! Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2024

By Dominic Trimboli

This year for Mother’s Day, don’t waste your money on another bunch of flowers that will wilt in a few days. The mothers in our life deserve so much better and this year MEAT! is here to help you decide exactly what to get her.

We pulled a handful of our favorite gifts and broke down why they’re the perfect present down below.

The Best Gifts for Mother’s Day

When you’re buying a gift for mom, you want to get her something useful and of the highest quality. So the crew at MEAT! pulled out some of our absolute favorite gifts for moms and broke down why down below!

MEAT! Kitchen Knife Set

If you want the ultimate gift for Mother’s day this year then look no further than a brand new MEAT! Kitchen Knife set. The moms in your life deserve quality, and MEAT! is here to provide.

This knife set is made with high-quality German Stainless Steel and extra grippy G-10 handles. For the mothers in your life, they will have no problem slicing through anything she puts on the cutting board with these expertly crafted knives.

This gift includes six different knives and a clean white knife block to store them in. With a chef knife, bread knife, carving knife and more this gift will have the right tool for any job.

MEAT! Sous Vide 4

Sous Vide cooking takes all the difficulty out of preparing your food to the exact temperature that you want, and will immediately allow the opportunity to try dozens of recipes on our website.

If she loves cooking and getting adventurous with her recipes this gift is perfect as she’ll be able to cook the perfect steak or fish, make her own marinades and sauces from scratch and even make sous vide cocktails. Simply place the Sous Vide 4 in a suitable container filled with water, set it to the temperature you want and walk away until the timer goes off.

Kitchen Vacuum Sealer

If the mom in your life doesn’t like to waste any food, or loves to make big meals for a lot of people, then a vacuum sealer is a great gift to ensure her meals are preserved fresh for the long haul. Stoutly built and simple to use, our line of vacuum sealers are perfect for beginners, and ideal for experienced users.

Whether she uses it to store pasta sauce in bulk, or to simply marinate a steak quickly, she’ll be surprised at how often she uses it, and how much food she saves from spoiling in the fridge! Jerky and fish to veggies and leftovers in just a few seconds. Even if this is her first sealer, she’ll get the hang of it in no time with our extra-wide sealing strips, locking latches and status lights that tell you when everything is done.

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