• 1.5 LB Pork Fat (Cold, partially frozen)
  • 3.5 LB Caribou Meat (Cold, partially frozen) (Note: You could substitute other wild game meat)
  • 1 Packet of Sausage Season (read instructions on the back for proper ratios)
  • Natural hog sausage casings (thoroughly rinse and soak overnight, or for at least hour in lukewarm water prior to stuffing)


  1. Remove the casings from their original packaging. To remove excess salt, thoroughly rinse and set in cool water overnight, or for at least 1 hour in lukewarm water prior to stuffing.
  2. (optional) Freeze the grinder throat. This will keep it from getting too hot too quickly and will help with grinding the meat.


  1. With your meat still partially frozen, cut small chucks to fit through the grinder. Do the same with your pork fat. We are using a 30% ratio of fat to wild game.
  2. Grind your meat and fat with the fine grind plate attached.
  3. Carefully read the instructions on the back of the seasoning packet. We are using 5 lb of meat mixture.
  4. Add ground meat-and-fat mix to the MEAT! 20- or 50-lb Meat Mixer. Add seasoning according to instructions on packet and mix meat and fat until seasoning is fully absorbed and meat has a slightly sticky texture.
  5. Using the MEAT! 5-lb Stuffer, press your final meat mixture into the canister. You will want to make sure you get it packed down to remove any air bubbles from the meat. We suggest lightly throwing the meat into the canister with a little force and lightly packing it down every so often.
  6. With the canister full, attach the casing to the stuffing tube. Leave an inch of casing hanging off and do not tie until you have pumped in some of the meat into the casing. (The first few cranks will push air through casing.)
  7. Twist off the size brats you want as you pump.
  8. Using a sanitized sausage pricker or fine needle, prick sausage to pop air bubbles.
  9. Hang sausages for 3-4 hours then place in fridge for a couple hours to allow casing to shrink and adhere to meat.

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