Use brisket trimmings and run them through MEAT! grinder to make an 80% meat to 20% fat grind for patties. If you have wild game to grind, use that as your meat. Otherwise, grinding fresh beef sirloin is also a great option.


  • Roll 80/20 ground meat into a ball
  • Smash on an oiled, hot flat top, griddle or cast-iron pan
  • Season with Meat Church Holy Cow
  • Top with razor thin onions (best sliced thin on a mandolin)
  • Flip after 2 minutes
  • Top with sharp cheddar cheese
  • Cook until the cheese is melted just right
  • Butter your buns and toast them on the same hot surface (Pro tip: toast both sides of the top bun)
  • Stack them 2-3 patties high and inhale

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